National politics can be divisive, but here in Springfield, we work with everyone. I believe in making sure that government is responsive to all citizens; you are the ones who are truly in charge. I hope to serve as your voice for common sense solutions in our community.

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Joe Pishioneri

I have known Joe for many years now. I have watched him work hard as your city councilor, keeping things fair for everyone while being fiscally responsible.  Joe has been instrumental in keeping Springfield going in the right direction. I invite you to just look around and see for yourself what Joe has helped bring to our community. He has always taken the time to listen to his constituents, including myself on many occasions. As an employer of many people and a businessman in this community, I strongly support Joe and urge you to do the same.
-Mike Miller



Joe Pishioneri

Small Business

I have worked tirelessly to reduce barriers and to take common sense steps to ensure Springfield has a business friendly atmosphere. As a result Springfield wages have increased over 20% while we have gained 370 new businesses and over 3300 new jobs.

Joe Pishioneri


A strong housing supply is what healthy communities are founded on. I've campaigned for new measures like the Glenwood redevelopment project and the revitalization of Downtown Springfield to enable a steady growth of housing.

Joe Pishioneri


Our infrastructure is failing and we need to right the ship. I am working to continue the good work that we've done for Springfield by overseeing and creating teams that will fix roads and keep our streets and city safe.


I'm Joe Pishioneri and I believe the need for community-focused politics has never been greater. Here is where I stand on the issues:

On Economic Development:

Local economic development is the big picture. Springfield cannot thrive without a thriving business community. Businesses are the backbone of our entire economy. They provide most of the jobs at all levels of income. A strong worker base is needed to keep our businesses healthy and profitable. They go hand in hand. Another requirement to keeping our local businesses strong and the ability to allow new business into our city, is a city government that listens. When confronted with new business ideas and needs for a growing our current businesses, our city staff MUST look at these and immediately be in the mindset of “okay, how do we get to a yes!” not, the old standard of, “well, you can’t do that because of that”.

On Affordable Housing:

I align myself with our, already council approved housing strategy. That is to focus on families with children. I was very vocal and a proponent of instituting SDC waivers for the construction of accessory dwelling units. I firmly believe we cannot stop there.

I am a strong proponent of encouraging new housing development at all price points. We cannot just “create” low income housing and expect things to be fine. The people living in low income housing are stuck. We need to have housing for which they can move up into so there can backfill. And so on up the price point scale.

It’s not just housing. We need to help maintain and stimulate a climate that fosters business growth so more people will be employed, and current employees can move up within their jobs, earn more money and afford larger family sized homes. Which naturally creates that vacuum allowing lower income families to move up.

On Public Infrastructure:

Springfield's most pressing infrastructure needs are the roads. I hope to continue my work with the Springfield City Council to restore them. Just recently we created a team that will identify the roads that need the most work and prioritize them. Then they'll slurry, seal, overlay, and channel runoff. During the newly established roadwork "season" this team will work solely on repairing and improving Springfield's thoroughfares at no extra cost to the taxpayers.

On Taxation:

I believe that any new taxes should be referred directly to the voters. The Springfield voters trust us and that is of major importance to me. While I have been on City Council, Springfield has always lived within its means and I plan to make sure that continues. I am not happy with the new Eugene payroll tax to say the least. There are many Springfield residents that work in Eugene solely because there is a greater number of employment opportunities. Unfortunately, they are being taxed for services they do not benefit from. Conversely, there are many Eugene residents that work in Springfield and are not paying any taxes whatsoever for services Springfield provides to them. It is not fair, and I have been vocal about it.



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