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Facility Security SITE Survey and Analysis

On-site location with a complete exterior walk around, plus input based on customer provided diagram of their footprint. Includes recommendation for any landscape changes to enhance safety for staff/clients and increase protection from unwanted entry. Interior surveys are also available that will provide recommended camera placements.

Joe Pishioneri has owned and operated Security Certifications since 1995. He is DPSST authorized to provide remote training. He also works closely with managment to create policies based on best practices and current law. He is a licensed executive manager, licensed and authorized to provide contracted DPSST executive manager services.

Joe Pishioneri


Joe Pishioneri

Small Business

I have worked tirelessly to reduce barriers and to take common sense steps to ensure Springfield has a business friendly atmosphere. As a result Springfield wages have increased over 20% while we have gained 370 new businesses and over 3300 new jobs.

Joe Pishioneri


A strong housing supply is what healthy communities are founded on. I've campaigned for new measures like the Glenwood redevelopment project and the revitalization of Downtown Springfield to enable a steady growth of housing.

Joe Pishioneri


Our infrastructure is failing and we need to right the ship. I am working to continue the good work that we've done for Springfield by overseeing and creating teams that will fix roads and keep our streets and city safe.



DPSST Unarmed Security License Course ($225)
This is a 14 hours minimum course provided online, or in person at your location based on participant enrollment. This course is required by the State of Oregon to attend all 14 hours and under go an assessment and successfully pass a written test before a license can be issued. The assessment is based on a scenario providing by the instructor where the participant must demonstrate their new knowledge and able to write a written report using the methods from the curriculum.


DPSST Unarmed Security License Renewal/Refresher ($75)
This is a 4 hours minimum course provided online, or in person at your location based on participant enrollment. The participate must attend the full 4 hours and successfully pass a written test.


Defensive Tactics ($75)
A 4 hour course providing basic skills training to help fend off attacks. Includes communication skills and situational awareness in the workplace and in public areas. Awareness of mental health issues that may be encountered.


Handcuffing* Techniques ($75)
This 4 hour course will include conversation and tactical communications with the goal of gaining cooperation. Included will be hand/wrist control, pain compliance and required notifications. Handcuff placement, locking and double locking.


Aerosol Weapons* Certification Course ($75)
This 4 hour course includes the history of OC (oleoresin capsicum), manufacturing, ingredients, deployment. A written test will administered and must be passed to complete this course. After the completion of the classroom work we will will provide a opportunity for different levels of exposure which will include treatment. A signed certificate of completion will be issued by certified instructor.


Impact Weapons/ASP® Baton* Certification ($175)
This is a full 8 hour course that will include classroom for the first half and practical course in the last half. This is physically demanding training. Proper technique must be demonstrated in order to pass. Minimum standard include the passing of a written exam.

*All law enforcement equipment is available at very competitive pricing.



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We carry Professional Liability Insurance $2,000,000 and Errors and Omissions Insurance of $2,000,000, and we can assign a certificate of liability to business clients.